Boarding Application (print out version)

After a day of fun in the play yard, your dog will have a restful sleepover in one of our individual kennels.  Your dog will be ready for a meal and a nap, but their day isn’t done yet…

We return for another potty and play time. Your dog will stretch their legs, spend a few minutes exploring the play yard, and having one last run or play with their friends before returning to their kennel for a full night’s rest.

Our Boarding area is climate controlled, internally monitored by video cam, smoke and fire protected, and has power loss protection.

All dogs have access to clean, fresh water at all times. Feedings are closely monitored by our trained staff, so you can rest assured your dog is eating and remains healthy during their stay.

Medications are labeled, secured and logged when dispensed. Our staff administers medication individually to insure your pet never misses a dose.


NOW OPEN:  The Woof Lodge


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We now offer sleepovers to dogs other than our regular daycare dogs.  The Woof Lodge can hold over 46 dogs.  All suites include outdoor dog turf to remain clean and provide comfort.  The indoor area has epoxy flooring, easy access to food and water bowls, and a Kuranda bed for every suite.  The suites have a glass front door for your dog to see out and an individual locker to store your dog’s food and any other supplies for their stay.  Every dog staying at the Woof Lodge will receive special individual attention from our staff several times a day for a walk, playtime with some toys, or a run.  For just a small assessment fee, your dog can also try out daycare so that they can be out playing all day long and become a Pack Member.  We also offer grooming services so your dog comes home clean and refreshed.



All Sleepovers:  $40/Night

$5/night discount for each additional dog

10% off boarding for more than 6 days.

Holiday and peak season $5 extra per night may apply.



DO keep your dog leashed when entering and exiting the facility.

DO bring your dogs food prepared by servings in a zip-lock bag. Please include one additional day of meals.

DO bring your dog’s favorite blanket, toy, or sleep item.

DO bring all medication in its labeled container. Send only the amount of medication needed for the visit.

DO bring a copy of your dogs latest veterinary records showing the Rabies and DHLPP vaccine within the last year and the Bordatella vaccine within the last 6 months.

DON’T bring rawhides or any other choking hazard items.

DON’T worry about bringing bedding or multiple toys.  We provide bedding and blankets to all of our dogs with daily housekeeping services for all suites.  Our beds are sized for the suites to provide for feeding area and comfort.

DON’T store medication loose or in baggies. All medicines should be labeled with name of medication, dispensing directions and prescribing veterinarian. Our staff does not dispense unlabeled medication for obvious safety reasons.