Meet The Staff

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The Woofers staff is professional and highly passionate about animal care.  Woofers staff is Canine CPR and First Aid certified through ProPetHero.  Staff members also go through extensive training with our mangers/trainers as well as the Dog Handler Academy.  We know the most important thing to you is your peace of mind while your best friend is with us, and our staff’s caring attitude and professionalism insures you will have a worry-free day.


Cathy Fox – CEO

Cathy was a former nurse then a full time mom before opening Woofers here on Jody Rd.  She has been married to Dr. Mark Fox for 30 years and has 4 children (Andrew, Caitlin, Sara, and Daniel), many of whom you will see working here at Woofers.  Cathy also has 4 dogs and a pig as well as 7 grand-dogs who all go to Woofers.  Cathy has been to several workshops to help better the business such as Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo, Trainsmart/Worksmart, Training Cesar’s Way (twice), K9 Lifeline’s 3D workshop, Balanced Buddies Res-Q Seminar, and The Shadow Program with Heather Beck.


Mark Fox – Financial CEO

Mark, Cathy’s husband, is a Palliative care and Hospice doctor who works full time as the Vice President of the Southeast Region for Gentiva.  Mark spends all of his days off helping out here at Woofers and always is saying that this is the fun job!  He is our handyman, computer guy, and financial advisor!  He truly is a jack of all trades and helps with any job that we need done.


Sara Fox – Manager of Operations

Sara is Cathy’s younger daughter who  worked for the original Woofers on Hoffemeyer Road.  It was Sara’s passion for her job that motivated Cathy to keep the business going.  Sara has worked with dogs at Woofers for over 12 years and knows all of the ins and outs of the business.  One of her passions is working with horses, including her new set of twins, Louis and Lilah.  Sara has a rescue dog that she found in a dumpster named Ava, an English Cream Retriever named Brooks, and a Golden Retriever puppy, Clark.  Sara has also attended K9 Lifeline’s 3D workshop.


Daniel Fox – Daycare and Finance Manager

Daniel is Cathy’s youngest son who also worked at the original Woofers in high school for a short time prior to the opening of the new facility.  Daniel has worked with dogs for over 10 years at Woofers and has an amazing relationship with all of our regular daycare dogs.  Daniel and his wife, Courtney have a one year old lab/border collie mix named Cashua and a Shichon puppy named Mimosa.   Daniel graduated from Francis Marion University with a degree in business.


Courtney Fox- Front Desk Associate

Courtney is a graduate from Francis Marion University and teaches the 5th grade at McLaurin Elementary.  Courtney sometimes works at Woofers part time as well up at the front desk.  Courtney has been a part of the Woofers family for over 7 years and is married to Daniel.  She loves helping up front, meeting new people, and learning all of the dogs’ names!


Caitlin Hart –  Manager of Operations

Caitlin is Cathy’s oldest daughter who is married to Eric Hart.  Eric is a Hospitalist at McLeod Hospital.  Caitlin has a BA in Mathematics and is a former high school math teacher.  However she decided to pursue a different career working with dogs and began working with dogs in July 2015.  She has attended K9 Lifelines 3D workshop, Training Cesar’s Way, Balanced Buddies Res-Q e-collar training, Jeff Gellman’s RV Trainer workshop, Let Dogs be Dogs workshop with Mark Goldberg and Brother Christopher from Monks of New Skete, the Global Pet Expo, and The Shadow Program with Heather Beck.  She has a deaf Old English Sheepdog, Geoffrey, as well as some horses including Hawk her retired show horse, and new son, Blaise.


Anna Cusack – Daycare Manager

Anna is a balanced behavior trainer and manager at Woofers.  She has attended several workshops including Trainsmart Worksmart, Training Cesar’s Way, Balanced Buddies Res-Q e-collar training, K9 Lifelines 3D workshop, and the Shadow program with Heather Beck.  Anna has two dogs that frequent Woofers, Dixie and Dakota.  Dixie is a registered therapy dog and has accrued over 300 hours of service at Mcleod Hospital.  Anna also does dog training at K9 Basics & Beyond in her free time.


Kat Watford – Daycare Specialist

Kat has been at Woofers for over 3 years.  Kat and husband Denis have three Norwich Terriers, Kimber, Waylon, and new rescue, Savvy.  Kat enjoys visiting the nursing home with Kimber, who is a certified therapy dog.  Also in their spare time they enjoy going to and participating in car shows.


 Molly- Front Desk, Customer Service Specialist

Molly first starting working with dogs years ago here at Woofers in the daycare yard.  She has returned to our staff and works full time up front.  She has a background with customer service and working with dogs so she is the perfect fit for our team.  She has three dogs, Cowboy, Rigby, and Bunny.       


 Sierra-Daycare Specialist

Sierra works in the yard full time here at Woofers and has always had dogs growing up and loves working with dogs.  She always makes sure to spend time with all of the dogs that are boarding as well as those in daycare.  She is great with all of the pups and they all get very excited to see her!  Sierra has three dogs, Freya, Sasha, and Sno.


 Ashland-Daycare Specialist

Ashland has worked at Woofers since Summer of 2021.  Ashland is so good with all of the dogs here at Woofers and she always makes sure to communicate with doggy parents by filling out report cards.  Ashland’s dog Tennessee is a big fan of daycare and loves coming to work with mom so she can play with her friends! 


 Julia-Daycare Specialist

Julia has worked at Woofers since Summer of 2021.  She has a lot of experience working with dogs and worked at a dog daycare in New York before moving to Florence.  Julia not only enjoys spending time with her dog Cookie but also her horse, Jasmine.  She also rides and cares for the Fox horses in her free time.