Woofers knows that everyone wants a well mannered dog, but not all dogs are well mannered. If you need help with basic obedience or changing unwanted behavior we have trainers available to help.

Classes and Private Training

Call us to save a space in our next class at 843-669-8828.

We now offer a Balanced Behavior class that you can participate in with your dog.  The class is 4 consecutive Tuesdays and the price is $200.  The purpose of this class is to help you create a better relationship with your dog based on trust and respect.

We also have a trainer that will work with you one on one at our facility on Saturdays and the price is $75 for an hour session.  The session will be tailored to you and your pup’s needs.

Board and Training

Woofers also offers a board and train extended stay program for our approved daycare dogs. We have many programs including those listed below:

4 Day Weekender:  Bring your dog for an extended stay at our facility for a refresher course for their behavioral issues and socialization.  The price is $425 for puppies, and $575 for adult dogs.

7 Day Adult Stay:  Basic behavioral training for adult dogs.  We recommend this for dogs that have minor behavioral issues such as jumping, pulling, and overexcitement.  The price is $895 ($320 in addition to the weekender price of $575).

10 Day Puppy Training:  Puppies will learn proper socialization in our daycare and proper behavior on leash and in the home (housebreaking).  We will help you and your puppy learn how to continue your relationship based on trust and respect.  The price is $995 and puppies must have at least their first round of shots.

2 Week Board and Train:  Extensive behavioral training for adult and adolescent dogs.  We recommend this for dogs with many behavioral issues including leash aggression, pulling, jumping, excessive chewing and more.  The price is $1700 for all dogs.

2 Week E-collar Training:  We offer E-collar training for dogs that may struggle with recall off leash.  E-collar technologies offers 100 levels and is not to be used as a deterrent, we keep the level low to serve as a “hello” that will alert your dog that you are directing them.  The cost is $2000 and includes the collar as well as as follow up lesson.

We also offer additional extended board and trains as needed, call to find out about pricing based on your needs.